A university thesis and accompanying sound art installation which speculates on the extent to which the growing significance of data in the 21st century is compromising human moral agency.

A dial lies on the face of the installation. When turned all the way to the left, a text-to-speech voice reads the original essay out loud. As the dial is turned to the right, ‘AI’ generated content on the same subject begins to creep into the text, merging with the original writing to a greater and greater extent. The automated content merges with the text mid-sentence, at junctures calculated by grammatical rules. When pushed fully clockwise, the thesis is entirely ‘AI’ generated, and will carry on generating content indefinitely, albeit often in quite an absurd fashion.

A sound art

The text is generated by a model of Marcov chains building sentences from a corpus of the source material and reference texts used to write the original thesis.

Made possible with the help, support and coding skills of Jonathan Davies.

Um, that's not me wearing the thumb ring btw.

On Ceding Space to Non-Human Systems - Click here to read

The fallacies of quantified thinking and its implications for diminished moral agency in 21st century urbanism.