Thanks for asking me to put together a treatment for Scorpio.

I’m excited to get involved in the project, and I’m really feeling Josh’s suggestions and visual input so far.


I’m picturing the video as a juxtaposition of rotoscoped footage of Josh below a shifting, animated sky of constellations and stars.

I’d love to try and create something with a real sense of depth, transparency and 3D movement, playing with perspective and scale.

The ‘I forget My Name’ video has some really nice elements - the lip-syncing animation and text motion works very well - I’d also be up for implementing some similar ideas within this video.


constellations aesthetic - inspiration


rotoscoping AESTHETIC - inspiration


As far as the rotoscoped animation goes, I understand Josh is able to provide footage for me to work with.

Personally, I’m envisioning low angle shots of Josh from below, capturing his face, shoulders and the sky above, with varying transitions inspired by this Drake clip, but I imagine that whatever footage we go for will be decided by a conversation between the two of us, unless he already has recorded content he wants to use - I’m very much open to ideas.


His idea of including anamorphosis (the optical illusion demonstrated in the above gif, in which giraffes appear to morph into an elephant) would make for a really nice visual device.


I’d be keen to try and achieve this effect (perhaps transitioning from Scorpio to Gemini constellations), but with the dynamism and fluidity of the particle animation above.

I’ve already begun working on some ideas and would love to really get started, if you decide my work would be a good fit. I look forward to hearing from you.